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We understand no two law firms are the same. A trusted leader in legal tech, we’ve provided smart solutions to law firm practice management for 40 years and counting. Our Legal Management System (LMS) is a configurable ERP designed with you in mind, empowering you to run your firm your way, and not as a “one size fits all” operation for advanced efficiencies and profitability.

Innovative cloud solutions provide users the mobility to work from anywhere at any time while protecting the data of your clients and reducing overhead costs for the firm.

Strong accounting principles developed by accountants instills confidence in practice management in the firm’s ability to close on time and with certainty, every time. 

Configurable Business Intelligence dashboard reporting provides real-time performance summaries from the highest overview down to the granular level for each client, matter and/or transaction within seconds.

Specialized forecasting tools allows key decision makers to assess resource allocations, individual rates and client revenue opportunities to forecast for business growth and maximize profitability.

Join the 50,000+ legal experts who utilize the Legal Management System (LMS) for effective and efficient law firm practice operations.

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